About Us

When Andrea moved to Malaysia from Italy in 2009, what he really missed was Italian comfort food made with simple, fresh ingredients. Malaysia has a fantastic and flavourful smorgasbord of delicious food but at times he craved Italian food that was usually found easily at the local bakery, restaurant or market. Things like good rustic bread, breakfast pastries, cured meats, cheeses, well-made pasta dishes were hard to find in Kuala Lumpur. So Andrea would always stock up whenever he went back to Italy and lug back a whole suitcase of his favourite ingredients. Andrea professes that he is not a professional chef but simply loves experimenting, creating and of course eating delicious food.


Andrea and his wife, Hui, have always dreamt of starting up a food-related business. Encouraged by the growing appreciation for Italian products in Malaysia, the husband and wife team finally decided to make their dream a reality through the birth of La Spiga D'oro in May 2020.


"We have exciting plans to bring the real taste of Italy to Malaysia. So watch this space and follow us on Instagram for what's to come!"


Andrea & Hui

Founders of La Spiga D'oro

by Laspiga Fine Foods